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Ariel Lauren





The Celebration steams ahead as we inch closer to Next Wednesdays' Fashion Show at MOCA! Continuing on this visual journey Chloe may not be a Barista at Bold Bean but she represents a very important part of the coffee shop, CUSTOMERS!! Lookin' all fierce Chloe and a friend made their way to Bold Bean as the shoot progressed unbeknownst to them . I loved their style so much I asked Luis to snap a few pics. They agreed and WOW! what a magical result, this image screams fall! Netflix, chill and oogle over Chloe! Happy Sunday!



What is your favorite BB beverage for fall?

It's typical, but there's nothing like a dirty chai, it tastes like Christmas. Luckily Bold Bean has the best one around, I started drinking it iced when I got sick of the heat and missed the comfort of the holidays.

What is one thing you will never wear again?

A padded bra.

What’s one thing you will never stop wearing?

A black skater skirt, I'm wearing one right now. It's simple so you can look as fancy or as casual as you want. It twirls when you spin and it's comfy enough to sleep in if you have to.

How does your life influence your style?

I'm a little scattered, so my style is constantly changing. But I try and dress according to the mood I want to be in. If I'm feeling down, I'll wear the brightest, bounciest dress



FPIR Presents...

Bold Bean Fashion Week

Interviews by Ari Lauren | Photos by Luis S. Rivera

in celebration of

MOCA fashion show

October 7th at 7pm

during Art Walk!!!

LIVE music by local legends TOMBOi

WATCH as models traverse the dynamic runway provided by the landscape of the Museum.


Curated by Fitz Pullins with the MOCA board of Contemporaries

Prints Charming

Tom Canfield

Written by Tom Canfield (The Bandwagon Effect Content Contributor)

Step away from the blue jeans. Printed tees can be styled a number of ways —dressed up, dressed down, layered... the options are endless.

Below, a few ideas (for both men and women) on how to style your favorite printed tee. And if you're in the market for a new model, we've got you covered.

1. Dressed up.

A bright floral skirt, killer heels  and  a neutral bag lend an interesting edge to a white tee.

A fringed leather skirt tempers an otherwise casual tee.

When topped with a neutral blazer, a casual printed tee veers decidedly more sophisticated.


2. Layered

When topped with an open oxford, a printed tank manages to look casual yet pulled-together.

Skater shoes and just the right amount of accessories ooze casual-cool.

Print on print on print. Never better.


Tom Canfield

Written by Tom Canfield (The Bandwagon Effect Content Contributor)


Fitz Pullins’ Inventory Room is predicated on being a trendsetter in the men’s fashion and lifestyle fields. Still, there are times when we need outside inspiration. So where do we go when we need it? With over 300 million users, Instagram is increasingly a source of inspiration for many sartorialists and designers alike. Below, our top five Instagram accounts for men’s fashion and lifestyle.


This DJ-cum-style icon hails from north of the border, in Canada, but his style is New York through and through. In addition to posting his minimalists, athletic-inspired looks, Fallis often posts his daily workouts and health eats, and shares a good dose of travel inspiration. Follow him at at brendanfallis 


A native of California, Gallagher is one of the most popular male fashion bloggers of the past few years. His Instagram account, iamgalla features his takes on style from many different locales. He posts good food shots, too.


This London-based style consultant was recently named a top five style icon by GQ Taiwan’s readers, with good reason. His style (think oversize patterned Missoni scarves, ostrich-leather shorts and suits paired with boat shoes) is innovative and unexpected. His account, matthewzorpas is one worth following for a daily dose of style inspiration.


This off-shoot of Net-a-Porter, the ever-popular luxury designer fashion site geared toward women, is geared specifically for men with a taste for luxury. Here, you’ll find a perfectly edited selection of both lifestyle accessories and clothing (like Alexander McQueen bowties, Bamford shave oil and Balenciaga leather high-tops, to name a few). The brand’s Instagram account, mrporterlive, consistently posts a solid selection of classic and contemporary looks. Those Lanvin suede sneakers might be out of your price range, but cyber-style inspiration is free...


This fashionable Florida transplant is based in NYC, where he works as a stylist for the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Stam and a handful of Victoria’s Secret angels (tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it). His account, jloganhorne, features a healthy dose of celeb spotting (thanks to his globe-trotting adventures with pop star Katy Perry) as well as close-up shots from fashion week and glimpses into the life of a celebrity stylist.