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One to Watch: Melissa Frank and Style Trends for the Fall on First Coast Living

Fitz Pullins

Style trends for the fall are not always what it sounds like.  This year we are finding a lot of colors that one might expect in the spring or even summer in the palette for the suggested fall wardrobe.  I also killed two birds with one stone and added local hair stylist, make up artist and my best friend, Melissa Frank as this month's One to Watch.  

This week i joined First Coast Living to talk about these trends and show some ways you can use the new colors to spark up your wardrobe in the Fall 2014.


 To watch the segment, click on the photo above.  We had a lot of fun and hopefully inspired some wardrobes to take some chances.

I want to thank my model Melissa Frank who is my "One to Watch" for October.  We had a great time putting together the photoshoot of looks and carefully curated each outfit to show how to use some of the fun colors of the fall.

If you are out there wondering how to make this happen and getting overwhelmed looking at the looming closet before you, just give me a call or send me a message and I can help.  We can have fun with a couple hours assessing where you are and where you want to go.  Drink some wine and have a laugh and before you know it, you won't feel like falling on the floor in tears.   Also the holidays are coming up and Holiday party looks are fun and time well spent planning.


Here are the looks from my One to Watch for October, Melissa Frank.  She is a Jacksonville enthusiast and always on the cutting edge of what is hip and fun in the fashion world.  Not only does she light up the room, but she dominates with her killer sense of style and personality which engages everyone she meets.  She is professionally a hairstylist a Bella Salon in Mandarin and also is a dynamic makeup artist and a local entrepreneur, selling jewelry and inspiring others to be fashionable.

BE:  What are your favorite stores/brands?

MF:  Zara, Free People, J. Crew, BCBG....very eclectic mix.

BE:  Name one thing you can't live without.

MF:  LIPGLOSS!! My favorite is Bobby Brown.  Also my cell phone.

BE:  What is your trend of the moment?

MF:  I am really into denim shirtsand bell bottoms.  I have always worn both whether they are on trend or not, so I guess I am slightly obsessed.

BE: What is your go to color?

MF:  black.  always classic and always looks sharp.

BE:  Tell me one thing that most people don't know about you.

MF:  I play the flute, I was a sharp shooter in high school and I am an introvert (although to the BE it doesn't seem that way)


Dress:  Mary Katrantzou (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Shoes:  Dolce Vita (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Bracelet and earrings: Saks 5th Avenue (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)


Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Skirt:  Ralph Lauren (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Shoes:  Dolce Vita (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Earrings:  Ellie Bing


Jacket:  Theory (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Necklace:  Saks 5th Avenue (Available at Saks off 5th in St. Augustine)

Earrings:  Ellie Bing Boutique

5 Tips to add Color to your Style ... like a PRO

Fitz Pullins

It is official, color is here to stay.  I always like to say, “Just add a pop of color” but I do not say it lightly.  Using color to put a stamp on your look is not only easy, but it’s on trend and at the same time become a classic solution to creating personal style.  

Color blocking, pattern mixing and just being smart about color are sometimes hard during our busy week.  We are thinking about meetings, and children and what is the next mean going to be but I am here to tell you that simplifying and adding color with confidence doesn’t have to end you up on the floor of your closet crying.


Photography:  Agnes Lopez Makeup:  Kimtasha  Hair:  Grazyna Mercado Styling:  Fitz Pullins


  1. DO NOT OVER DO IT.  Adding a colorful jacket to a simple outfit that is more neutral can give you a powerful piece that everyone will take notice.  If you are a woman, try an all-neutral look (tan, black or gray) and then add a big bold colorful necklace.  If you are a man, do the same with a tie.  A unique piece to make you own the runway of your life.
  2. MIX AND MATCH.  Color can come in a solid bold or even in patterns that can be mixed in a unique way to help your personal brand be creative and unique.  Maybe think about a polka dot tie on top of a striped shirt.  Or for a woman, add a striped blouse with a skirt that is striped in another direction complimenting each other for a show stopping head turning color blowout.

Photography:  Agnes Lopez Makeup:  Kimtasha  Hair:  Grazyna Mercado www.grazynamercado.comStyling:  Fitz Pullins

3.  TIGHTS TIGHTS TIGHTS.  Oh and SOCKS. SOCKS. SOCKS.  I would never advocate for too much of over the top color.  It has to be a perfect mix and sometimes that means just going a bit below the radar.  Add some tights to a tired plain look or for men, a pair of signature socks.  An all black soon with a neutral tie that incorporates a nice red polka dot can be perfectly paired with a pair of red socks.  Come on guys don’t be scared put them on.  The only time anyone might notice is if you are in a meeting, on the bus or sitting on the skyway heading downtown.  And GIRLS you know how to do this.  A pair of wonderful tights under that favorite plain skirt or dress.  Adding a “pop of color” can be fun and invigorate any tired old look.

4.  REFERENCE.  I know you ladies like to pinterest.  Now here is your assignment and for the guys too, get on Pinterest and type in “color trends in fashion” and you wont believe your eyes.  GREAT ideas for every day.  Look at reference when you are losing inspiration.  It helps you think about what is in your closet closest to the looks that are on trend.  Don’t be scared guys looking at this stuff is fun and only takes 10 minutes the night before your important meeting, or a high school reunion, you know you want to look good and you CAN DO IT.  Also Pinterest is a great social media tool you can use to help set your own personal brand.


5. HAVE FUN.  No one wants to cry in the closet and usually when you make it hard getting dressed, people will cry when they see you on the street.  Make it fun, make it light and do something different.  That’s why it’s called FASHION.  OWN IT, WORK IT and everyone around you will take notice.  You will probably land that job you have been looking for, meet that special someone you have longed for or even make a great impression on your current boss.

So all of that said, I hope I see you running around town in your stripes on plaids, bright colors on top of neutrals or something totally unexpected.


xo- Fitz