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Looking for something to do on NYE... We have it all taken care of. Just show up😉

Fitz Pullins

The winner is....... 

The winner is....... 

Join me at The New Year’s Eve Black & White Masquerade Gala at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Now in its 5th year this is North Florida’s premiere New Year’s Eve event.  Ring in the New Year with lavish cooking stations, dancing to the music by international rock band, Papa Sol, open bar and fireworks. This year’s Gala will include awards for best engaging masks and best The Total Black & White Masquerade Look for couples and individuals. Fashion stylist, Fitz Pullins will greet attendees and introduce winning looks. Masks are provided and guests are encouraged to make or purchase their own. Fitz is offering Black & White fashion insights and tips, this week, on how to personalize a Masquerade look on his website Gala reservations are required. The event begins at 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.The price is $225 per adult and includes a service charge.


You can find all of the resorts events at www.ritzcarlton/ameliaisland or call 904-277-1087.

Hope to see you there...  XoFitz❤️

Hope to see you there...  XoFitz❤️


McKenzie Morgan

As a senior at Douglas Anderson, there are many advantages to going to an arts school. For one, arts school helps you get your foot in the door. When most of your teachers are, in my case, also professional writers, you already have connections you can make as a graduate. To have the opportunities at hand to create art and have it showcased through the years in various events is profoundly effective in becoming an artist of any type. Watching other students pursue their dreams is also inspiring.



Going to an arts school has opened up opportunities I never thought were possible. There are multiple annual performances for all arts areas, individual arts area performances, and an array of tools to help perfect the art a student is studying. There’s a lot of professionalism that comes with being an arts student. I learn techniques that I otherwise wouldn’t learn until taking the same courses at a college level. I’m expected to perform at a capability that goes beyond just being able to hold a pencil.


Arts schools are not a sham, nor are they just to enforce students with higher test scores to broaden their horizons. Almost everyone I’ve met through school has been extremely proud to be going to DA, and fully inspired to continue their life as an artist. There’s a lot of passionate energy that I feel every day as I walk through the halls.  My school has incredible students that balance both their academic and arts interests while being fully immersed in the things they love.



Fitz Pullins

McKenzie Morgan is a creative writing senior at DA, loves writing poetry, listening to music, and is editor in chief of The Artisan. She aims to be a journalist in the future, and hopefully work with design. She has a love for the arts in general enjoying drawing, painting, and calligraphy in her free time. She is definitely a helpful addition to the team.  Welcome KENZIE!!!!