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Curating your life thru fashion, fitness, and cultivation. 

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Looking for something to do on NYE... We have it all taken care of. Just show up😉

Fitz Pullins

The winner is....... 

The winner is....... 

Join me at The New Year’s Eve Black & White Masquerade Gala at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Now in its 5th year this is North Florida’s premiere New Year’s Eve event.  Ring in the New Year with lavish cooking stations, dancing to the music by international rock band, Papa Sol, open bar and fireworks. This year’s Gala will include awards for best engaging masks and best The Total Black & White Masquerade Look for couples and individuals. Fashion stylist, Fitz Pullins will greet attendees and introduce winning looks. Masks are provided and guests are encouraged to make or purchase their own. Fitz is offering Black & White fashion insights and tips, this week, on how to personalize a Masquerade look on his website Gala reservations are required. The event begins at 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.The price is $225 per adult and includes a service charge.


You can find all of the resorts events at www.ritzcarlton/ameliaisland or call 904-277-1087.

Hope to see you there...  XoFitz❤️

Hope to see you there...  XoFitz❤️


McKenzie Morgan

As a senior at Douglas Anderson, there are many advantages to going to an arts school. For one, arts school helps you get your foot in the door. When most of your teachers are, in my case, also professional writers, you already have connections you can make as a graduate. To have the opportunities at hand to create art and have it showcased through the years in various events is profoundly effective in becoming an artist of any type. Watching other students pursue their dreams is also inspiring.



Going to an arts school has opened up opportunities I never thought were possible. There are multiple annual performances for all arts areas, individual arts area performances, and an array of tools to help perfect the art a student is studying. There’s a lot of professionalism that comes with being an arts student. I learn techniques that I otherwise wouldn’t learn until taking the same courses at a college level. I’m expected to perform at a capability that goes beyond just being able to hold a pencil.


Arts schools are not a sham, nor are they just to enforce students with higher test scores to broaden their horizons. Almost everyone I’ve met through school has been extremely proud to be going to DA, and fully inspired to continue their life as an artist. There’s a lot of passionate energy that I feel every day as I walk through the halls.  My school has incredible students that balance both their academic and arts interests while being fully immersed in the things they love.



Fitz Pullins

McKenzie Morgan is a creative writing senior at DA, loves writing poetry, listening to music, and is editor in chief of The Artisan. She aims to be a journalist in the future, and hopefully work with design. She has a love for the arts in general enjoying drawing, painting, and calligraphy in her free time. She is definitely a helpful addition to the team.  Welcome KENZIE!!!!


"Runway to Room" Editorial for Jacksonville Magazine's Home

Fitz Pullins

FALL 2015

I had so much fun with this editorial. Inspiration can come from ANYWHERE. Of course, it was fitting for me to choose from one of my favorite collections. All of my picks are available locally.




Ariel Lauren





The Celebration steams ahead as we inch closer to Next Wednesdays' Fashion Show at MOCA! Continuing on this visual journey Chloe may not be a Barista at Bold Bean but she represents a very important part of the coffee shop, CUSTOMERS!! Lookin' all fierce Chloe and a friend made their way to Bold Bean as the shoot progressed unbeknownst to them . I loved their style so much I asked Luis to snap a few pics. They agreed and WOW! what a magical result, this image screams fall! Netflix, chill and oogle over Chloe! Happy Sunday!



What is your favorite BB beverage for fall?

It's typical, but there's nothing like a dirty chai, it tastes like Christmas. Luckily Bold Bean has the best one around, I started drinking it iced when I got sick of the heat and missed the comfort of the holidays.

What is one thing you will never wear again?

A padded bra.

What’s one thing you will never stop wearing?

A black skater skirt, I'm wearing one right now. It's simple so you can look as fancy or as casual as you want. It twirls when you spin and it's comfy enough to sleep in if you have to.

How does your life influence your style?

I'm a little scattered, so my style is constantly changing. But I try and dress according to the mood I want to be in. If I'm feeling down, I'll wear the brightest, bounciest dress



FPIR Presents...

Bold Bean Fashion Week

Interviews by Ari Lauren | Photos by Luis S. Rivera

in celebration of

MOCA fashion show

October 7th at 7pm

during Art Walk!!!

LIVE music by local legends TOMBOi

WATCH as models traverse the dynamic runway provided by the landscape of the Museum.


Curated by Fitz Pullins with the MOCA board of Contemporaries


Ariel Lauren


Fitz Pullins Inventory Room presents...




Without Further Ado...Meet Erin Lee!

Photo by  Luis S. Rivera

We HEART Erin Lee!

A huge part of an establishment's signature are the people who dedicate their time and and energy to it. Erin Lee has been with Bold Bean from the beginning adding her edgy confidence to the mix. If Bold Bean were a wolf pack the others would lovingly call her their benevolent leader.

   She guides with a gentle paw and cares deeply about her friends at work and the customers who choose Bold Bean as their coffee home. They say you can't choose family but sometimes there are people that really make you feel at home. Erin Lee is a human happy machine and it's clear that she is a huge part of the positive mojo that bounces off the walls in Bold Bean.


Oh yea and XXXtra bae points check out her weekly radio show on WJCT 89.9  'Indie Endeavor' every Tuesday at 11pm!

'On Indie Endeavor, local music expert Erin Lee delivers the best new music for independent thinkers. It's the place to be for the best in alternative/sub pop/alt-rock and indie music.

You can listen to select past episodes on [the] WJCT On Demand page.' -WJCT

We asked the Bold Bean Baristas to answer a few questions about themselves. Out of five questions they could choose to answer one or all of them in as little or much detail as they wished.  Read on to lean a little more about Erin Lee

Q & A 

What's one thing you will never wear again? 


What's one thing you will never stop wearing?


How does your life influence your style?

I would say that I favor practical individuality. I love the idea of utility mixed with subtle hints of extraordinary. I refuse to compromise comfort and I appreciate the creativity it takes to add edge to such a simple idea. Overall I love the notion that fashion is not about what you wear but how you wear it. It's about confidently being able to display the true you. With that said, I'd say Riverside has a pretty good idea of who we all are.

If you don't know, now you know! Bold Bean sits in the center of a quaint little annex of Historic Five Points. Stockton Street at the intersection of Post St. hosts a variety of restaurants and shops to delight the senses.

   Bold Bean may not have been the first shop to open on the Stockton St. strip but it is arguably the hippest. The shop draws some of the most intersting Jacksonvillians. Bold Bean literally infused a dose of energy and life into the block and the whole Five Points area. Since day one Bold Bean has been a go-to spot when gearing up for the day with a warm cup of house-roasted coffee or a place to relax with friends. It is a hub of our community, a meeting place, a music hall, watering hole, art gallery and safe space for all. If you’ve never been to Bold Bean, stop what you’re doing! Go there and TREAT YO’SELF to a cup of their addictive brew!


The Contemporaries Presents:


A fashion show curated by Fitz Pullins

An Evening of Fashion for a New Year

in the Atrium at the fabulous MOCA



A colorful collection based on a ‘New Years Eve’ theme to help promote the the upcoming MOCA New Year’s Eve event. Clothing will be provided by a plethora of local retailers. The show will be focusing around the colors for New Year’s Eve as determined by Fitz Pullins. The evening aims to display how color can be used in the new year for brand new innovative looks that can be pulled off with a little  imagination. We want attendees to walk away with excitement  about revamping their look from the perspective of an artist curating their own life experience and displaying it through purposefully chosen clothing.



Tenley Dietrich


St. John’s Town Center



Sweet repeats

C.U.T. Consignment


Alexandra Ni


Belts are the new "it" Accessory

Dana Rogo

When we think about belts, the first thing that pops into our mind is "a belt is used to hold up our pants". The belt ensures that your pants won't fall down and accents your outfit. This comment holds true for the most part however, as we transition into Fall, belts are the new "it" accessory. Women may not need belts in the way that men do but that doesn't mean we should dismiss the accessory. In fact, a belt helps complete the outfit.

A belt can add a polished look when your blouse is tucked into your jeans. It can give you a waist and a beautiful figure when paired with a dress. A belt can also help dress up a cocktail dress or dress down a flowy dress depending on how you style it. Because of the high demand of this accessory, you can grab some great finds at your favorite stores (including Fitz Pullins Inventory Room!). 

Some new styles for the Fall are rose gold chain belts, Gucci and Hermes leather belts with metal hardware, and slim belts with sleek buckles. When we shop, we tend to ask ourselves, "What else can I wear with this?" Luckily, these belts are transition pieces and can add a little extra any way you chose to style it.

Prints Charming

Tom Canfield

Written by Tom Canfield (The Bandwagon Effect Content Contributor)

Step away from the blue jeans. Printed tees can be styled a number of ways —dressed up, dressed down, layered... the options are endless.

Below, a few ideas (for both men and women) on how to style your favorite printed tee. And if you're in the market for a new model, we've got you covered.

1. Dressed up.

A bright floral skirt, killer heels  and  a neutral bag lend an interesting edge to a white tee.

A fringed leather skirt tempers an otherwise casual tee.

When topped with a neutral blazer, a casual printed tee veers decidedly more sophisticated.


2. Layered

When topped with an open oxford, a printed tank manages to look casual yet pulled-together.

Skater shoes and just the right amount of accessories ooze casual-cool.

Print on print on print. Never better.