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Ariel Lauren

FPIR Presents

Bold Bean Fashion Week

Interviews by Ari Laren | Photos by Luis S. Rivera


Tomorrow is the big day! The preparations for the fashion show at MOCA OCT.7th at 7pm are coming along with help from tons of pros and great friends! The show will feature over twenty models!!!! It's going to be huge!! it's only fitting that we share christopher Paul's Bold Bean Fashion Week Q&A today...because Christopher has a huge heart!! Christopher Paul holds it down at Bold Bean with a constant smile and kind words. If you want a pick me up this bae will serve you up an espresso with a dash of sweetness! 


Chai HEART Bold Bean!!


Meet Christopher Paul!


Christopher has been a Barista at Bold Bean for two years; loves Guatemalan Asodiett and has strong feelings about VELVET SHORTS! He just might be the sweetest pea in the pod!



What is your favorite BB beverage for fall?

We have an amazing Single Origin Espresso on right now, the Guatemalan Asodiett, it’s got a great honey sweetness and a smooth body. Perfect for Fall or any season!


What are your origins as a Barista?

I’ve worked in coffee for years on more of [the] retail side. [I] transitioned to a barista role about two years ago,  I love it, it’s completely changed my relationship with coffee.


What is one thing you will never wear again?

Velvet shorts, I think that’s the sweatiest I’ve ever been… :X Ya’ll velvet freaks can keep those, so soft but so sweaty.


What’s one thing you will never stop wearing?

Denim on Denim. I’m a massive fan of the ever versatile Canadian Tux. Wedding? Casual Party? Baby Shower? None changing ceremony? The canadian tux is your best friend.


How does your life influence your style?

Working with coffee has made me more of a practical dresser, it has to be comfortable and able to resist those coffee stains but I also still want to present myself decently. Fashion is great because as quiet/ shy guy it can sometimes act as the voice I have a hard time finding.



FPIR Presents

Bold Bean Fashion Week

Interviews by Ari LarenPhotos by Luis S. Rivera

in celebration of

MOCA fashion show

October 7th at 7pm

during Art Walk!!!

LIVE music by local legends TOMBOi

WATCH as models traverse the dynamic runway provided by the landscape of the Museum.


Curated by Fitz Pullins with the MOCA board of Contemporaries