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Curating your life thru fashion, fitness, and cultivation. 

Blog: The Bandwagon Effect

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Fitz Pullins

Welcome to The Bandwagon Effect. A new blog of culture, fashion and trend.  Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, it will not be limited to just Northern Florida, we will delve into the world of trends inside and out from all corners of the globe.  Definition:  The bandwagon effect is where the rate of uptake of beliefs, ideas, fads and trends increases the more that they have already been adopted by others. In other words, the bandwagon effect is where the probability of individual adoption increases with respect to the proportion who have already done so.[1] As more people come to believe in something, others also "hop on the bandwagon" regardless of the underlying evidence.

We will be exploring the phenomenon of trends and how trends can change a city, a country or even the world.

Grabbing ahold of what inspires us and changing our perceptions is what The Bandwagon Effect is all about.  We aim to do so here and help inspire you, show you new things happening around you and far from you that can become trend and change our world. 

We immediately hope to change our headquartered city and inspire all living here that fashion, trends and owning your own identity can feel good, improve our self esteem and help us all live to our fullest potential.

 Jump on my Bandwagon and come along for the ride.

  Xo-Fitz Pullins  


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